Why the Psalm for Dying

is a Guide for Living.

Let's take a fresh look at the six verses of Psalm 23.

  • - See your shepherd as more than a guide, but the source of your joy and contentment in life. 
  • - Understand His presence as your promise of peace.
  • - Find your identity in belonging before being.  
  • - Learn how to stand tall when you're faced with a giant in the valley.   
  • - Bow in gratitude when you arrive on the mountaintop.
  • - Slow down to allow His blessing to overwhelm you.  


In my peaks and valleys and my highs and lows: God is WITH ME.

When I'm fired, tired and afraid: God is WITH ME.

In dark caves and painful seasons: God is WITH ME.

Though friends betray me: God is WITH ME.

When our journey through these six verses has concluded, may you see these words as a prayer for living instead of a poem for dying, and may you be overwhelmingly reminded and convinced that whatever you're facing now or in the future: Psalm 23 says, "God is WITH ME."


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